We derive value from emissions.

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Pond Tech is engaged in the sale and licensing of its CO2 abatement technology to project developers, funders, engineering companies, and others in partnership with industrial emitters.

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Pond Biotech grows genetically modified algae that express complex proteins used in diagnostics, therapeutics and medicines.

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Pond Naturals is engaged in the production, formulation and creation of custom blended nutrition products.

The Technology

We design and operate scalable bioreactors that use our society’s most abundant product – industrial greenhouse gas emissions – and our specialized growing systems to cultivate algae and other valuable biomass. Our systems effectively close the carbon loop and create wealth from waste for our partners.

Our IP

We hold a series of patents on the process by which we take gases from industrial exhaust to grow phototrophic biomass in a reaction zone. Our patents are registered in several jurisdictions, including the USA, the European Union, China, and Canada.

This allows us to evolve the technology in our system, grow different crops aside from algae, and apply our platform to different sources of industrial exhaust – gas, fluid, or solid.

Carbon Capture & Utilization

Pond is one of the first companies to commercialize a scalable Carbon Capture & Utilization technology that can be deployed at existing industry sites.

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Algae Products

Algae are a high-quality source of protein for human & animal consumption, as well as a renewable feedstock for petroleum-derivatives.

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Let us turn your waste into revenue.

Our Partners