We have developed a proprietary growth platform that transforms CO2 into profit.

How It Works

Pond has developed a proprietary system that can profitably transform CO2 into valuable products. We grow algae in large vessels (bioreactors), which are engineered to automatically regulate the inflow of CO2 or nutrients while reducing the need for manual supervision. Our deep expertise in lighting coupled with a series of sensors allow us to optimize growth conditions. After only a few days, the algae are ready for harvest and can then be processed into marketable products, just like any other crop.

Raw Unfiltered Stack Gas

Rapid Growth Rate

Focus on Commercialization

While our initial focus was on growing algae from food-grade CO2, over time we have evolved our approach into a highly adaptable growth platform.

Our Platform Is:

Technology Agnostic

Our patents are on the process of growing algae, not specific widgets. This allows us to experiment with new technology to further accelerate biomass cultivation.


We started by growing algae in pails and now build industrial facilities with vessels up to one million litres.

Beyond Algae

Our sensor-and algorithm-driven approach applies to terrestrial plants with promising trial results at the R&D stage.

The Benefits of Using our Growth Platform

Raw Stack Gas

Our platform is the first to use unfiltered emissions straight from industrial smokestacks.

Simple Add-On

Our system bolts onto existing industrial facilities.

Small Footprint

We fit the productivity of a football-field sized open system into a parking space.

Any Location

We can build our bioreactors in any geography and climate.

Diversified Product Portfolio

Algae can be processed into products with higher price points than most industrial commodities.

Steady Revenue Stream

Faster crop growth results in more revenue & more carbon abatement.

Emissions Reduction

One tonne of algae sequesters nearly two tonnes of CO2 which is the equivalent of not burning 4.5 barrels of oil. Algae produced from a large one million litre facility could sequester 2,700 tonnes of CO2, the equivalent of taking 600 cars off the road for a year.

Smog Reduction

We identify the right algae strains that thrive off the mix of gases at your site, incl. smog-causing NOx and SOx.