Industrial Applications

“What excites me the most is that our technology’s applications are limitless.” – Emidio Di Pietro, VP Engineering

What can Pond do for you?

Pond Provides New Value

  • Emitting large volumes of carbon dioxide, it’s no longer a risk or liability. It’s a potential revenue stream.
  • Installing Pond’s system makes you a sustainability leader. Capture this value in your sustainability reporting and marketing strategy.

Pond Facilitates a Turnkey Solution

  • Pond can work with an EPC contractor of your choice or recommend a firm we have worked with before.
  • Pond can provide third-party financing, such as through our partner Inventiv Capital in the United States.

Pond is in the Algae Business, Not You

  • Pond can operate the algae plant and arrange for algae sales.
  • You focus on your business, not the algae business.

Getting Started

  • The first steps involve a feasibility study to look at costs and revenue potential at your site.
  • Pond can install a mobile algae unit, proving that algae can grow on your stack gas.

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Project Summaries

Markham District Energy

Partner: Markham District Energy

Industry: Power Generation

Location: Markham, Ontario, Canada

Pond and Markham District Energy will partner to develop a nutraceutical algae production facility to produce astaxanthin, as well as powdered chlorella and spirulina. The facility will safely and effectively transform the greenhouse gas emissions from this power plant into algae superfoods.

Phase 1

Size: 200,000 litres

Output Capacity: 100 tonnes of algae

Carbon Sequestered:  183 tonnes CO2 per year

Markham District Energy Pond Tech North Elevation Rendering

Markham District Energy Pond Tech West Elevation Rendering

St. Marys Cement

Partner: Votorantim North America

Industry: Cement Manufacturing

Location: St. Marys, Ontario, Canada

Pond, St Marys and the National Research Council of Canada have been operating a demonstration algae plant since 2017. This facility proves that greenhouse gas emission can be transformed into valuable products, and has been operating for over a year.

Demonstration Site

Size: 25,000 litres



Carbon Credits

Carbon pricing mechanisms exist on every continent, with Scandinavian countries leading the way in the early 1990’s and the first North American jurisdiction to introduce carbon price occurring in Alberta in 2007.

Globally, since 1990, over 51 jurisdictions have put a price on carbon, including China (2017), the EU (2005), Japan (2012), and California (2012). Globally, national, sub-national, and regional governments continue to price carbon, either through a tax or a cap-and-trade system.

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