Pond Technologies has developed a multi-leveled approach to both combating climate change and developing algae as a sustainable alternative for tomorrow’s low carbon economy.

The model is dynamic and forward-thinking, yet as with any business it must operate profitably in order to sustain itself. Which is why the company’s commercialization functions are of utmost importance, and why Pond is diversifying and positioning itself to maximize potential revenues. 

Pond Naturals – Evolution and Opportunities for Pond 

Pond has partnered with RFI, a leading North American distributor of over 100 other natural ingredients, acquiring the distribution rights for Canada. This move provides Pond with a vertical integration channel to move high-end algae and other products. RFI Canada now operates under the Pond umbrella as Pond Naturals, and is a key player in the company’s commercial strategy. 

The creation of Pond Naturals gives Pond a vertically-integrated sales avenue for its algae in the profitable natural ingredients market. It also provides Pond with other commercial opportunities. 

While the dual-verticals of carbon capture and algae production are the company’s primary production activities, these projects are capital-intensive and require time and resources to get up and running. Once these plants reach production at scale, algae biomass needs to be moved, quickly and at full-value. This is what the acquisition of RFI (and Regenurex for retail supplements) provide – established distribution channels and industry-specific expertise. This repositioning marks a milestone for Pond as it evolves from an R&D-centric entity to one focused commercialization of its products.

Growth Potential in Natural Ingredients for Nutraceutical and Cosmetics

The global natural health supplement market is predicted to reach USD 68 billion by 2024, with subsets like organic fruit powders expected to be worth USD 23.96 billion alone by 2025. Therefore in addition to algae-based commercial avenues, Pond Naturals offers Pond access to non-algae products and associated revenue streams in the lucrative natural ingredients market. 

In late 2018, Grant Smith, former President of RFI Canada, joined the Pond team to help make this vision of vertical integration a reality. “I am excited to join Pond’s leadership team. I have over 20 years of industry experience, developing new sales channels and growing market share…We have laid the ground-work for the Pond Naturals brand, and with my experience, and the product offerings, we are poised to deliver reliable recurring revenues, beginning right now.”

Pond Naturals, with its varied client base and existing distribution relationship with RFI, will continue its work as a trusted supplier of natural ingredients, expanding its supply of custom formulations for well-known brands in the health supplements and cosmetics sectors. 

From popular organic powders like blueberry and kale, to vegan proteins like pea protein and quinoa, to fermented ingredients like ginseng and turmeric and other high-demand health supplements –  Pond Naturals offers a complete range of natural ingredients for a variety of potential clients. 

From daily B2B relationships, to developing natural alternatives for the cosmetics and other industries, the addition of Pond Naturals to the Pond team not only helps secure consistent revenue streams, but opens the door to a plethora of new commercial opportunities. 

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