Global climate change is one of the most important issues for governments and the private sector to tackle. So, if a company could solve the problem of how fossil fuel economies can transition to green, sustainable alternatives without detracting from outputs, that would be a real winner.

Cleantech, food tech and environmental, social and governance (ESG) company Pond Technologies Holdings Inc is developing solutions that could finally solve that world problem. And the answer lies within algae. While some may think algae is just pond scum, the company has produced a patented method for capturing CO2 emissions and transforming them into revenue streams.

“We are talking to a number of companies right now where the host emitter gets the carbon credits. We take their CO2 at a 2-for-1 ratio, and let’s say if we were to remove 10 tonnes of CO2, we grow 5,000 tonnes of algae. Today, algae are worth something. Years ago algae were seen as biofuels, now we have greater off-takes for the algae: animal feed, human feed and even pharmaceutical proteins that are grown within algae.” – Pond Technologies CEO Grant Smith

5 years ago, the algae market was unknown. But, algae are capable of a lot – making this pond scum very valuable.

Algae can be put into land for soil reclamation or to habitat ponds. Moving up the food chain, many species can be harvested to make a host of natural, healthy products for human and animal consumption.

Cattle are reducing methane gas, and dairy cattle produce more milk by adding algae to their diet. Beyond Meat, Impossible Burger and vegan foods companies have popped up and have a real need for a reliable, sustainable source of vegetable protein. Algae is 66% protein that can be extracted, concentrated and used within these food products. Pond technologies is part of that supply chain.

Not only that, partner companies that are major CO2 emitters can install Pond Technologies systems and profit while issuing carbon credits, reducing their CO2 footprint, and producing feed byproducts.


00:00 – Pond Technologies $POND $PNDHF CEO Grant Smith
00:54 – Business overview & business update
01:21 – Products & technology
01:43 – Industrial partners
02:33 – Carbon credits
03:09 – Algae products
04:11 – Industrial major emitter can profit from Pond technology?
05:06 – Economics of technology
06:25 – Government mandates
08:14 – 2022 inflection point yeat & profitability

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